Day 32: Wednesday February 1, 2017

Gotta love starting off the day with my alarm not going off. Nothing wakes me up quite like jumping out of bed after waking up and one-eye open looking at the clock and seeing it past my wake up time. Looooove those days. So needless to say, this morning was just a lot of me running around like crazy trying to get everything done and ready before running out the door. At least I remembered lipstick (I can forget most things but that’s just not an option, give me this one vanity vice ok?).

Today was a slower day at work. Don’t know why, the day just felt like it dragged on even though I was doing tons of stuff all day. At least on my lunch break I got a solid reading break. Trying to read some classics so I started on Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. I’m excited to read it; get lost in the adventure. Needless to say, I was pretty happy when the clock hit 4:30 and I could run out of there and head home. 

I was feeling a little off today, think I twisted my back a little, so I stuck to cardio for my workout today. As long as I got something in, I feel good. 

Today’s Lesson 

Today’s about not beating myself up. I could get really upset with myself for not getting in a huge core workout but that’s not productive. I got my walks to and from work in and made sure I got up and walked around at work as often as I could to at least try and stay active at work. It’s about knowing it’s ok to have days when the workout can’t be 100% because I’m human but as long as when I’m back up to normal I give it my all, that’s all I can really do. 


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