Day 33: Thursday February 2, 2017 

Today went by sooooo slowly. At least it’s Thursday so that means tomorrow’s FRIDAAAYYYY!!!! Sorry, I’m just a little excited for it.

I have no idea what the problem has been with these past two days. Yesterday was at least full of stuff to do. Yesterday was nonstop work; today, not so much. I did have work to do but it was about a tenth as much of the work I had to do on Monday. Now I don’t necessarily love feeling like I’m drowning in work but I also am not a fan of getting everything I need to do done by 11:00am. Finding a happy medium would be great, but let’s be honest, is that happy medium even attainable? 

I did get a little bit of relief today though which is good. I got to take a break and have lunch with a girlfriend. Some days you just need that break from the work and all other life stuff to just get some good energy. I’ve been feeling really drained and low lately just form being ill and that time with my friend was definitely good. It was almost like soul therapy. Like plugging my soul in to recharge it.  

My lunch with my friend wasn’t only fuel for my soul, I made it multi-use and made sure to walk there and back. Made sure to get a solid amount of cardio in today, even though it was really cold out (of course I’d decide to walk on the coldest day of the winter so far). 

Today’s Lesson 

Don’t forget to feed your soul. I usually remember to eat healthy as much as I can and exercise as much as possible and sometimes stop there. But unfortunately that’s just not good enough. My body can’t be truly happy and in good shape if my mind and soul aren’t equally happy and connected. I need to work on making sure to surround myself with people who create positive energy and bring positive energy into my life. Positivity breeds positivity and I could definitely use more of that in my life. 


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