Day 36: Sunday February 5, 2017

Happy Super-Bowl Sunday everyone. Now truth be told I’m not a huge football fan but I always watch the Super Bowl. I think having grown up with four uncles it got engrained in my head that you always watch the Super Bowl. 

Before the Super Bowl fun I did actually try to get some work done. I did some meal prep for the week so my veggies are done; one less thing for me to worry about. I also made a big batch of Mac n cheese for dinner so I have leftovers for lunch for the week. I found a good recipe for Mac n cheese because I mean it’s carbs and cheese, that the closest thing to true love there is. I try to make it as healthy as possible by using milk instead of cream, low fat cheese, and whole grain pasta. I’m trying to baby step by baby step give my meals healthy “makeovers”. Still have the foods I love but change them up so that they’re a healthier variation and won’t make me feel super guilty for eating them.  

Since I’m such a fan of meal prep I really do want to do everything I can to be successful food-wise throughout the week I am on the hunt for a good food journal. I really want to find an agenda or template for a good food journal. A food journal can help me more clearly see what I’m eating throughout the day and just like the macronutrient breakdown tool on My Fitness Pal, I can see what my nutrient spread looks like and where I need to improve. Until I find a good food journal I’ll be using My Fitness Pal and just keeping an electronic record of my food intake.  

I’m hoping this week will be better exercise wise. Confession time: I didn’t workout today. My medical condition has been acting up really badly this past week and it’s really affecting me. It is affecting me physically because it is really painful and that isn’t really conducive to wanting to workout. Secondly, it’s discouraging me because when I’m in pain and don’t want to workout, I get into the cycle of negative thoughts and that isn’t motivating to workout. Hopefully tomorrow my body will behave or at least be decent enough that I’ll be able to push through and get a workout in; that is of course if this football game hasn’t given me a heart attack.  


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