Day 37: Monday February 6, 2017

Just another manic Monday; now I understand that song. Nothing like starting the week off getting your bus broken down on the side of the highway. Oh yeah, that was totally as fun as it sounded. 

Work was crazy again but that’s the usual for Mondays. Working on expanding my career reach has been crazy time consuming lately. I totally expect to have to work hard for something I really want and I am totally game to do so; I’m just hoping this will pay off in the long run. Because my work stuff has a really short time limit on it that got top priority so I didn’t get a big workout in today like I wanted. I did however get an extra cardio session in because of the whole bus fiasco (just making lemonade out of lemons here). 

Once all this work time sensitive stuff is done I’ll be able to better manage my time. I have my meals planned for the week so that’s at least one less thing to worry about. Later on this week I’m hoping to Crush out some good weight training sessions and maybe even try a class or two, we shall see. 

Today’s Lesson

It is essential to prioritize. If I don’t prioritize my work and tasks I have to do, I just wind up forgetting things and stressing out. When I have everything all written out and prioritized I can see what needs to be done and when it needs to be done and focus accordingly. It’s just one of the many tools I’ve got in my life toolbox and let me tell you, colour coding for different priorities helps too (well it does for dorks like me anyway).


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