Day 39: Wednesday February 8, 2017 

So although I do consider this journey to be about my journey to a healthier lifestyle, there has so far been one major aspect of that that I’ve thus far decided to leave out. What I haven’t done is weigh myself, not since my last physical about three months ago. There are a few reasons why the scale has been on the back burner of my mind instead of a top priority like so many diet and health plans emphasize. 

First and probably most obvious obstacle to checking my weight regularly, I don’t own a scale. I know, how does a woman in her twenties not own a scale? Truth is, I had one but it was crazy old and once it broke I never bothered to get a new one. Scales are like the makeup counter; there’s so many different kinds with so many different things to offer that I get lost, confused, and wind up running in the opposite direction. 

Second reason I don’t weigh myself often is a reason I’m sure many people can agree with; I don’t want to know the truth. I feel like if I see a number my mind is automatically going to go into catastrophe mode and make a huge deal out of a number. Which honestly is all it is; it’s a number. My weight doesn’t define me or how good of a person I am. But there’s still that feeling that once I see where I am I’ll see how far I need to go and get discouraged. 

Most importantly, I’m not focused on my weight because it’s not why I’m doing this. For me, this lifestyle change is not about getting skinny. I’ve never really wanted to be skinny. For me, this is about getting a strong, healthy body. I want to reach a point where I look in the mirror and can be truly proud of the reflection. I want to watch the progress and be proud of the little victories along the way.  

I may start weighing myself and get a full body workup just to see how my body composition (fat and muscle percentages) change as this journey progresses. I’m really excited to see where it goes. 



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