Day 42: Saturday February 11, 2017

Love me the weekends. For me, this weekend is going to be a good unwinding time compared to this crazy week.  

I finally finished this work stuff that’s been my only priority for the whole week. It was only a week long project but it took up all my time, and stress. I am feeling such relief having it all done and off my plate. 

Now that I’ve got this bug work task taken care of I get to unwind with a good book. Nothing takes my mind off life quite like a good book I can dive into. Full disclosure, I’m a giant book worm. Whenever I can I’m reading. I got legitimately excited when I finally conditioned myself to be able to read on the bus without getting nauseous. I have a gigantic list of all the books I want to read, I just need to find the time to read them all. Could I get a job as a book reviewer but be picky about it? Like only read the books I’m interested in and get paid to write a commentary of them? Could someone please make that a thing, because if so I’d be very grateful. 

I really enjoy my weekends because they’re usually the days I get to spend with my family. Although I am incredibly fortunate in that my family is pretty centralized, it can still be tricky getting together. That’s why I feel grateful for whenever I get to see them, for however long it is. It really is the little things that make each day awesome. 


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