Day 43: Sunday February 12, 2017

Why must the weekend be so fleeting? I always have such ambitious goals for the weekend and wind up getting only a fraction of what I want to do done. If anyone knows an easy way to crank out weekend wish lists I’d be seriously grateful. 

Got all my groceries done today; which honestly was my main goal for the day. There’s a huge snowstorm coming this way and it’s already started. Got my groceries done before noon so I was able to get home after only about an hour of snow.  

Since I got all my groceries out of the way I was all set to meal prep for the week. It’s a little concerning to me how legitimately excited I get when I’ve got my meals all set and planned for the week by Sunday night. It saves me so much time during the rest of the week to crank out a plan Saturday night and do the groceries and prep on Sunday.

The snow is still coming down in full force so I’m guessing the lucky kids will be getting a snow day tomorrow. That’s another thing, can someone make a snow day thing for adults? It would be a day off for crappy weather without us having to call in sick or take a holiday. Now the person who invents that is getting a parade. 

Today’s Lesson

Today is a key example of why time management is essential to my daily life. When I can I always make sure to plan things out and prepare things ahead when I can. This way, I can have things ready when I need them and not need to scramble around in a rush trying to find things I could have gotten ahead of time. Every night I get my breakfast, outfit, and lunch for the next day all ready. It is incredible how much time it saves me. If I could find a few more ways to save time I’d be unstoppable.  


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