Day 45: Tuesday February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!! Hope everyone has had a lovely day, not because it’s Valentine’s Day but just because (come on, be a rebel). 

Today was a solid work day. It wasn’t as crazy as usual so that meant I actually got to breathe and get stuff done in the order I wanted (yes I have a system, don’t question the system). Worked a little overtime today too which is good if I need that time later. 

Nothing exciting Valentine’s Day related happened to me today. Well I did get some chocolate so I guess that counts as something exciting. Let’s face it, chocolate is always exciting. I did somehow manage to contain myself and not go overboard with the chocolate eating so I’m going to count that as a small victory.  

Today’s Lesson

Even though I don’t want to go overboard when I treat myself, I still don’t want to completely avoid things I enjoy. I really like chocolate. It’s that sweet treat I can enjoy at any time of day. Now though, since I’m trying to lose weight and get into better shape and an overall healthier lifestyle, I want to limit my indulgences. Whenever I’m craving some chocolate, I first take a minute to see if I’m really craving chocolate or something else. If I can’t get chocolate out of my head I have a tiny piece. It gives me that craving satiation I’m looking for and doesn’t throw my health plan off the rails. It’s all about the small victories, one step at a time. 


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