Day 47: Thursday February 16, 2017

Thankful it’s finally Thursday that’s for sure. After Wednesday my drive to be even remotely productive at work takes a serious plummet. Don’t know why but once I survive hump day all I can think of is the weekend.  

Work-wise today didn’t really feel very productive. I got done the stuff I wanted to but it just felt like the day dragged on. I swear the last hour of my day lasted six hours (you know that feeling; it was like Groundhog Day: Workday Edition). The struggle was definitely real. 

I did get something awesome done today. I finished my book; which means bookworm me can start a new one. Not gonna lie I got giddy with excitement for that (yes I know I’m a giant dork for that, and it’s awesome). 

I got a great run in today too. I’m starting to notice my breathing is getting easier while I’m running which makes me happy. Helping my lung capacity increase is definitely going to help my overall workout. This weekend I’m going to write out a complete workout plan for next month and make sure I stick to it. It’s time to dive in all the way, no tiptoeing into the shallow end.  

Today’s Lesson

Life is too short for not going after what you want. I’ve been pretty good these first two months with eating healthy and working out but let’s be honest I’ve had mess ups. But another truth, I’m human, and I screw up and fall off the workout wagon sometimes. It’s important to keep an eye focused on the end big picture I want as well as the baby steps that will help get me there. I want that strong, fit body and I’m going to do everything in my power to achieve that goal. 


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