Day 51: Monday February 20, 2017

You guys, my fingers are purple and I’m not even mad. Ok context, I bought a cabbage last week. I bought a cabbage because I was planning on having it in my salad for the week but the way my meal prep went last weekend I ended up not even needing the salad after all. So this week I opened my fridge and saw my poor forgotten cabbage and got a little worried. I was seriously afraid it was going to be bad and I hate wasting food. Lucky for me, I pulled off the top layers of the cabbage and underneath was beautiful perfect red cabbage. So so happy I didn’t wind up wasting any food and have some nice cabbage to add to my salad. So that’s the story behind my lovely purple fingers.  

Today was a pretty relaxed day at work. Didn’t have a crazy deluge like most other Mondays so I actually had time to breathe (what a novel concept I know). It was nice to go through my day not feeling like my head was swimming with all my stuff to do. 

My ride home was something else though. The joys of traffic, when you’re stuck, you’re stuck. On the good side, since I was stuck I had time to read my new book. So nice finding time to steal away and get some good reading in.  

Now because today’s ride home wasn’t as quick as usual I have to make up for lost time in other areas. So as I write this I’m running on the treadmill. I’m dedicated you guys, I’m sticking to this. I also want to get some weights in and since I’ve written it down I can’t go back now. You guys have it in writing so I’ll happen as soon as this run is done. 

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little quicker on the way home so I’ll be able to actually focus on one thing at a time. But hey where’s the fun in being typical right? 
**Afternote: I got my arm workout done. My arms are going to be majorly flubbery tomorrow but hey it’s worth it. 


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