Day 53: Wednesday February 22, 2017

I love having a productive day. I love feeling accomplished and feeling like I can go to bed feeling like I really got something done today.  

Now let’s be honest, work is work. Work was the usual hectic craziness but at least I felt like I got something done. 

The real accomplishment today happened in the workout area. I had a ton of energy when I got home today, which is rare since usually all I want to do is go to bed. With all this extra energy I figured I’d go big with my workout. I did a solid hour long full body workout; and it felt unbelievably awesome. 

I made sure my workout had all body areas covered. I like finding exercises that incorporate multiple muscle groups because I find they give me a greater calorie burn and overall “bang for my workout buck”. I just have to remember that I did this workout today for tomorrow morning when my whole body hurts. Oh well, the workout pain from a great workout is the best pain there is.  

Today’s Lesson

Today, when I got home and had that extra energy I knew I needed to get my workout in. I knew if I waited a little that energy would die down and I’d make an excuse to not workout. This way, whenever I feel that energy, I make the time and crank out a workout. Those little moments are going to add up and help the big picture. Now that’s what I’m excited about. 


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