Day 55: Friday February 24, 2017

TGIF everyone!!! I’m so happy it’s finally Friday. It’s been a crazy hectic work week and I need this weekend to decompress.  

Now let’s be honest I’m not going to relax this weekend. I need to get a ton done as usual to have a good, productive week ahead. I need to do my meal planning, meal prep, and workout plan for the week ahead. It makes it so much easier on me not having to come up with that stuff day by day, my brain is never that good thinking on the fly like that.

Today wasn’t a typical work day so my whole routine kinda got thrown out the window. Not only that, but I slept wrong last night and kinked my back so my whole ability to move thing is a little hindered.  

Hopefully my back will be better tomorrow. I’m going to make sure I do lots of stretching and yoga tomorrow to help loosen my back up. Whenever I’m feeling stiff or sore I always go for stretching or yoga. I’m a fan of stretching every day just to try and continue to increase my flexibility. It’ll take time but I’ll keep at it. 

Now here’s to the weekend. Live up these two wonderful upcoming days doing what it is that puts the fire in your heart and the dance in your step. 


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