Day 57: Sunday February 26, 2017

Sundays are for shopping. Oh my goodness I went all over the city today. The whole day was going from one store to another. When going shopping for big house purchases I can’t do that “buy the first one I see no comparison” thing. I like going around to different stores looking at different makes and of course different prices to see what the best deal is. 

On the bright side, all this shopping and running around got me some good steps in. It was definitely a productive day and that’s always a good thing. 

After the crazy productive shopping I had I was hoping to be just as productive at home; and somehow I was. I managed to finish my meal prep for the week. Getting that out of the way on the weekend saves me tenfold in time during the week. I also somehow managed to crank out my workout plan for the week fairly quickly today too. I know that since I have it written down right in front of me it’s harder to find an excuse out of it. 

Today’s Lesson 

Today reminded me how crucial writing things down is to my daily life. I have a planner to write things down in so I don’t forget important work events or deadlines. I write down my lists for groceries and errands. I write down my meals to keep track. I write down my workouts to track my progress. Not only do my lists keep me accountable of my present, but they allow me to look back on my past and see how far I’ve come. And when I write down my goals, I can look forward to my future and see the exciting challenges ahead of me. When in doubt, write it down. Ok and it’s only partly because I have a horrible memory so writing stuff down helps me not forget.


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