Day 59: Tuesday February 28, 2017

I actually listened to the doctor today. I made sure to stay home and move as little as possible. I’m hoping my body got the message that I was actually good today and will be decent enough for me to go to work tomorrow.  

Even though I was at home, on those days I usually eat horribly because everything is right at my fingertips, I managed to stick to my meal plan for the day. It was a mini accomplishment to be able to feel proud that I made good food choices even with the temptations all so readily available. It is one day but it’s a small victory I’ll take.  

I did some research today too as per doctor’s orders to find some good yoga to do. I went on my favourite “find everything” website Pinterest and looked for beginner yoga poses, and even more specifically, yoga poses for back pain. I did find a large amount of pins so I pinned away. Now the trick is going to be choosing which one to start with.

I’m going to start on the yoga tomorrow. I’ll start out nice and slow so I take it easy and don’t overdo it. I do really want to get back to normal as quickly as possible but I’ll have to ignore my stubbornness and take it slow and steady and not rush it.  


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