Day 60: Wednesday March 1, 2017

How are we already into month 3 of 2017? I guess when each individual day flies by they wind up just adding and boom, just like that it’s already March. I’m hoping that the worst of winter is finally behind us but with Mother Nature involved I’m never 100% sure. 

So my back was still basically as stiff as a brick wall today. Throughout the morning I did my best to not get more stiff so that meant getting up and walking around the house about every five to ten minutes and I think it helped. By the afternoon I was feeling a little more human, and a little less brick wall.  

I managed to stay on track with my eating again today. It feels nice being able to stay home surrounded by my temptations, even if less than before, and being able to stay on track. 

So I did what the doctor suggested today and tried to do some yoga this afternoon. I specifically looked for yoga poses for back pain. I did about 12 poses and it was about a 25 minute yoga session. It was sore doing it at the time but in that weird “feels good/bad while you’re doing it” way that happens with a good workout. Only thing is, I’m worried that I made it worse by not waiting long enough.  

I guess tomorrow when I wake up, if I can move decently enough we’ll know it worked and if I’m back to brick wall status, I’ll know not to do that again. 


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