Day 61: Thursday March 2, 2017

The stupid back saga continues. Yet another day of me shuffling around because I’m too stiff to walk like a normal person.  

I was stubborn today though and did more yoga. I did a longer session with a bit of a greater intensity to try and get my body to loosen up. I’ve reached my back pain patience threshold. I am very annoyed not being able to workout like I usually do and having the annoyance of it taking my plans off the rails. I’m desperate to get back on track and get my workouts going again at the pace I want (yes I’m needy I know). 

I’m hoping to be stubborn for the rest of the week. Hopefully, if I can keep increasing my yoga workout length and intensity i can get back to my regular workout routine by Monday.  

I will say that this not being able to workout as much as I’d like is making me very aware of my diet. Each food I consume I make sure it fits within my daily required macronutrients and still manages to fill me up and not leaving me starving twenty minutes later. 

Now I’m heading to bed and hopefully going to move as little as possible to not get my back any more mad at me than it already is. 


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