Day 62: Friday March 3, 2017

TGIF everyone!! So even though my back is getting better and I’d have gone to work, I actually had the day off. I had one of those “float” days I had to take off or I would lose it so I randomly chose today weeks ago.  Pretty sure work thinks I did it on purpose but it was just one of those random events that just happened to fall like that.  

Even though I had a day off I made sure to be really productive. I did a ton of writing and brainstorming for most of the day. This planning and brainstorming today has probably saved me hours in the future. It felt great being able to look at all the planning I got done and be able to feel productive.  

I am hoping this weekend will be productive for me as well. I do have plans tomorrow with family but I’m hoping to get some meal prep for the week done before that. I’m also hoping to crank out a good arm workout in there somewhere since my back is actually starting to feel decent again.  

All I know is it’s Friday, I’m curled up taking some time for me to colour (yes I love my adult colouring books), and am very grateful this mess of a week is coming to a close. Cheers to the weekend everyone. 
The Swear Word Colouring Book


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