Day 63: Saturday March 4, 2017

Today was a great day. Of course I love my weekends. Saturdays are usually my relax days but today was an exception.  

I did have a bunch of stuff to do on the technology side of things today. I’m one of those people that does a bunch of stuff and forgets to organIze and remove and reorganize regularly. Instead, I do that thing where I forget and then just notice the gigantic number of files all at once and decide that I really should do something about it. I’ll try to not let it get that far from now on because I’m still not even done what I have to do this time around.  

I had plans to do something with family today and since I’m trying to be decent on my back I did a light workout today.  I did some lighter weights that normal to work myself back up to normal.  I also made sure to walknto and from my event today because I wanted to make sure to get some steps in since most of my work today was done at my desk.  As long as I got something done it felt like an accomplishment.  

I did something else today that’s probably a once in a lifetime experience. I went to the Red Bull Crashed Ice sports event and oh my gosh it was awesome. Now first off, it was -30 Celsius outside so naturally I made sure to wear layers on layers on layers. It was really cool seeing this giant ice rollercoaster for these insanely talented athletes to skate on and somehow remain upright. I watched them do it and know for a fact I’d fall down and wipe out before the first turn in the course let alone finish it without injury. It was really awesome seeing something live I’ve watched on tv before.  

All in all today was a great day. Got some work done, spent some time with family, and got to see some awesome sports. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go grab some blankets and try to defrost.  


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