Day 64: Sunday March 5, 2017

Happy Sunday everyone. Hope everybody’s had a wonderful weekend. As usual the weekend absolutely flew by; and yes I’m still waiting on that “slow time down on the weekends” machine so I can enjoy the days more and get more done. Until cette machine materializes I just do my best to get as much work in on the weekends as I can.  

Today I was on a tear with housecleaning. Very rarely do I feel the desire to clean but I guess today was one of those days. I hate to admit it but it felt nice getting that work done and seeing the house all spic and span (granted somehow dust will materialize five minutes after I’ve finished I’m sure). 

I was really in the mood for yoga today too so that’s what I decided to do as my workout. It’s nice working on getting my flexibility back. I’m hoping with time I’ll get all my original flexibility back and more. I’m also working really hard on my balance because I’m basically the biggest klutz on the planet so it’s necessary. Slowly but surely this yoga practice is going to give me the balance, strength, and flexibility I need to work on achieving the healthy, strong body I want.  

All in all it was a pretty productive weekend. As always, two days is too short but I can’t do anything about that so just need to make due with what I’ve got. Now I’m off to bed, need to get my energy to tackle this upcoming week. 


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