Day 68: Thursday March 9, 2017

Holy windy. I swear this morning walking to work I was waiting for the starting credits for The Wizard of Oz. I was convinced I was going to blow away. Because it was so windy it was killer walking up the hill to work, so yes, I’m counting that as good cardio.  

Work was busy as usual. But of course the huge amount of work came in the last hour of my shift. Why is that always the case? Does the work hide and then just pop up at the worst time for fun? I don’t understand. This is not fun. Cruel work with its warped sense of humour. Ok sorry rant over. 

At least I stayed on track with my food today. Having everything already made and ready makes it so much easier. With my food already prepared I don’t have to worry as much about temptation because my meals are already planned out and my calories are accounted for. Having the food already cooked and ready also means I can stay accountable. This food can’t be wasted and it’s good, healthy food. With eating this food, I will remain accountable to myself and my goals.  

I had a really good workout today too, and it felt awesome. With life as stressful as it is and work taking up so much time and energy out of my days, my workouts are my escape. While I workout I get to forget everything for a while and just focus on my soul and inner peace and strength. For me workouts are as important for my mental well-being as they are for my physical well-being.  

I’m really hoping I can remain focused on my goal and not get discouraged or distracted by little hiccups along the way that are bound to occur. I just need to remember this is a long term lifestyle change and I’m doing it 100% for myself because I deserve the strong body I want and the healthy lifestyle I crave.  


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