Day 69: February March 10, 2017

TGIF everyone. Another work week has flown by. Somehow though, even though it’s getting well into March the weather seems more inclined to act like it’s January. I mean, it’s going down to -30C tonight. That is soooo not ok for March. I thought I was done with being a human icicle this winter season.  

I did try and not let the cold get the best of me though. Even though there was definitely a nip in the air I made sure to still go out for some walks. I did make sure to get uber bundled up though, no frostbite wanted here please. 

My day got even better because of what I got to do after work today. So I’m a dog aunt, yes that’s a term, and if it’s not I’m making it one. My cousin has an adorable pug and I get the wonderful luck of dogsitting him for them. He is such a treasure. Not only is he sweet and well behaved, but that face is the cutest one around. I’m lucky he can’t talk because if he ever asked me for anything I’d be in trouble.   

Since I’m dogsitting I didn’t get to the gym today but I made sure to get a ton of cardio in. Any way I can find to exercise I’m going to take it, just have to compensate and make do.  

Hopefully this weekend warms up so I can get back into looking forward to Spring mode. If not, at least I’ll have an adorable cuddle buddy to help keep me warm.  


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