Day 70: Saturday March 11, 2017

Happy Saturday everyone. Hope everyone’s had a wonderful first day of the weekend.  
My Saturday was a full and at times frozen one. Since I was dogsitting today I stated my day off with cuddles with that wonderful pug. Next we went for a short walk. It had to be short since well, if we wanted to not turn into icicles we needed to get it done and back in right away. It was absolutely freezing today. Wind chill got down to about -30 and it chilled you to the bone. It’s on these days that I really appreciate my wonderful winter coat and boots. Because we couldn’t go out for the long walks we usually do when I dogsit I had to take the pupper out for three smaller walks to make sure his little nose and the rest of his little body didn’t get too cold. He really didn’t seem bothered by the walk though so that was good. I was just happy to get in some cardio.  
Today was awesome for the work side of things too. I had my wonderful friend over to hang out and do some work for the blog. She is absolutely brilliant with computers and programming for these types of programs whereas I’m basically kindergarten level. She’s also the definition of my soul mate. Any time we hang out it’s just us having the best time in each other’s company. We don’t even need to be doing anything; as long as we’re around each other it’s a great time. The time we hangout is basically restorative. It’s like food for my soul to just be around someone with that energy, kindness, and support. I am incredibly grateful to have her in my life.  
I like weekend days like today. I got to do something for my family, I got to spend time outside (even if I almost froze my nose off), I got to spend cuddle time with an adorable pupper, I got to do some work, and I got to spend quality time with a friend. In my books, all that makes for a successful day. 


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