Long Distance Love 

Let’s get one thing straight, long distance relationships suck. I have no idea how rom-coms manage to make them look romantic and sweet. Think about it, the person you care about most is out of reach. How, just how, seriously, how is that wonderful?

I think the worst thing about it is not having touch. Now I’m not even talking about physical affection, that’s a whole different thing. I’m talking about the completely insignificant things you don’t notice when you’re in the same city as someone. I miss the random accidental touches that happen when you reach for the same thing. Or the light touch first thing in the morning when you wake up and roll over in bed and see them. Now real talk, missing their hug is probably one of the hardest things. It’s like missing them and how they make you feel. It’s like missing their safety. I don’t care how you slice it, it sucks. 

Spending time with them is also like winning the lottery so getting any chance I get is mandatory. Even if it’s a little conversation or message asking about my day, it makes all the difference. It makes me feel like he cares about me and is close to me even when he’s far away. I think it’s important to still have “dates” even when you’re dating long distance, even if you have to get creative. Sometimes we’ll set a time and decide to watch an episode of a favourite show together. Any little bit of time counts as something that ends up meaning a lot because they can be so hard to come by.  

Special occasions can be hard in long distance relationships as well. On days that are important to us we usually want the people who mean most to us to be there. Unfortunately, that can’t always happen. It gets a little hard on those days, like birthdays and holidays when the best present would just be them being there. 

Now I know long distance relationships are hard, they make you think about things. But at the end the day they’re the person you want. It doesn’t matter how far away they are because you have them in your heart 24/7 and you know that one day you won’t have to miss them because they’ll be right there.  


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