Day 73: Tuesday March 14, 2017

Winter just won’t let go. As I write this I can hear the wind howling down into the fireplace and am too scared to look outside in case it’s still snowing. Denial is my friend today (adulting at its finest folks). 

I don’t know if it’s something with the weather or just a fluke but ugh today draaaaaaaaged on. It was ridiculous. I swear I looked at my clock, an hour later I’d look again and only five minutes had gone by. That is my definition of work torture. It wasn’t even like I didn’t have work to do. It was nonstop all day. It’s just that the work day felt like it lasted 37 hours. 

Managed to make the best of this crummy weather by getting a good workout in indoors today. I will say I can’t wait to get outside for a nice run though. There’s just something about running outside that feels better. There’s also just so much to do when the weather’s nice outside. Once it gets warmer I’ll be sure to share my jungle gym workout, because let’s face it that’s always a fun idea.  

Hopefully tomorrow will be less Winter more Spring because I desperately want to put away my winter clothes and be able to look more human and less Michelin man.  

Today’s Workout 

-walk 15 minutes 

-run 15 minutes 

-glute workout: 20 straight back leg lifts per leg, 20 donkey kicks per leg, 20 leg pulses, 20 fire hydrants per leg, 20 straight leg crossovers per leg, 30 second glute bridge, 15 second single leg glute bridge per leg

-elbow plank, regular plank

My Fitness Pal

Under Armour



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