Day 74: Wednesday March 15, 2017

Winter is not letting go without a fight, or so it seems. Overnight we got yet even more snow. When I walked out of my house this morning there was about a foot of it against my front door. This certainly wasn’t what I had in mind for Spring weather.  

That being said there is some benefit to the snow still being here. My walk to work today was extra challenging with the unploughed sidewalk so it gave my legs a serious workout. Getting a good cardio session in with a little resistance built in is definitely an excellent way to start the day in my books.  

Work was work as usual. But the good news is it’s hump day so we’ve made it through the gross first half of the week. Also, it’s St. Patrick’s day this weekend so I’m hoping there’s some type of party at work on Friday. Because let’s face it, everyone likes pretending to be Irish (like those lucky ones of us 😉🍀) even just one day a year. And it’s also an excuse for me to wear my awesome leprechaun hat, not turning that down.  

Today was takeout for dinner because sometimes during the week a treat is required. Now I don’t tend to go for really unhealthy stuff when I get takeout because it just never agrees with me and makes me feel way too gross, which I guess is a good thing so I won’t want any more of it. So whenever I do get takeout I try to go for something healthy but still filling. Today I opted for a chicken wrap with some mini roasted potatoes and a small salad with a light vinaigrette. All incredibly delicious and still within my macro count so I won’t have to feel guilty about enjoying a treat meal.  

Now fingers crossed tomorrow we start on the road to spring so I can put my winter coat away for the rest of the season. Give me warmer weather. Please. Pretty please.  


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