Day 76: Friday March 17, 2017

Boy am I glad it’s Friday. Today is definitely a day I’m glad to say TGIF. 

Today was just a cap to an exhausting, hectic, and all-around crazy week. It’s just been one thing after another all week. Work was crazy, health was crazy, life in general was just a whirlwind.  

I’m looking forward to this weekend to get some time to recharge. I was insanely busy all week I didn’t really get to do as much done as what I’d have liked to do. I’m hoping this weekend I can actually get some reading done, I’m in book withdrawal. 

I’m going to admit something too, I’m human and I make mistakes. Because this week has been so stressful, I’ve been stress-eating. I haven’t gotten out of control like I have in the past but I did make some bad food choices. I need to work on finding better ways to cope rather than a food I low tastes good but isn’t going to help me achieve my long term goals.  

Happy Friday to everyone, I hope you’ve all had a great St. Patrick’s Day🍀☘️.  And let’s all tackle this weekend with determination and awesomeness. Cheers! 


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