Day 79: Monday March 20, 2017

Spring is here! After what feels like forever it’s technically now Spring. And you bet that means I’m excited it’s actually +6C outside right now. That’s downright balmy compared to our -20C of recent days. Now if the nice weather trend could just continue that would be solid. 

Work was the usual Monday hecticness. I did a ton of stuff and by the end of the day still felt like I’d gotten nothing done, good times.  

I got home later than usual but I was still amped up so I decided to go with it. I really am trying to get my flexibility back up to par so I’ve taken up learning yoga. I downloaded some apps to learn how to do it and did one of their workouts today. It’s great getting back into things and feeling my muscles work and really getting my blood flowing. I also managed to get a good run in too so that was just a cherry on top of my Monday workout sundae. 

Now that Spring has sprung I am getting excited for working out outside again. There’s something so awesome about running outside feeling the fresh air on my face. It’s also just great doing any other workout outside just getting that workout in and breathing in that fresh air.  

Fingers crossed Mother Nature gets the memo that Spring is here. I want to wear my lighter clothes again and not ride the bus wearing a gigantic coat. And seeing those gorgeous flowers in bloom on a run would definitely be a nice long-missed sight.  


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