Day 83: Friday March 24, 2017

TGIF everybody!! Hope everyone’s had an awesome and productive Friday. I’ve had a crazy hectic week so I’m definitely happy it’s finally Friday. 

On the “wow this is crazy random” front, it’s basically been snowing all day. I mean it’s officially Spring so I’m a little confused. I think Mother Nature might have gotten her wires crossed; that or she seriously doesn’t like us. I was hoping the snow was going to just up and melt away but it looks like it’ll be around a little longer. 

On the workout side of things I’ve managed to get in another good workout today. I got a solid walk in before work. I made sure to get off the bus early again today because the weather was nice so I wanted to get in a little extra fresh air before working all day. I also made sure to get in a good arm workout and run when I got home. I’m hoping to increase the weight I’m using for my arm workouts in this coming week. I’m getting too comfortable with the weight I’m currently using and I don’t want to plateau so increasing the weight will keep it challenging. 

Hope everyone had a productive Friday and let your weekend be just as awesome, and hopefully no more snow-filled. 


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