Day 85: Sunday March 26, 2017

Happy Sunday everyone. Today was a great, yet quite windy Sunday. Did some errands today to get groceries for the week as usual. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to meal prep for the week today because of other plans but since I’m the leftover queen, I have some leftovers for tomorrow. So tomorrow after work I’ll just do the rest of the prep for the remainder of the week.  

Also, since my plans for the day were different than usual I had to change up my workout. I decided to do a nice long run today with a bunch of hills to get that solid leg burn thing going on. 

The best part of my day was definitely my friend time I got to spend with one of my amazing friends. We got that nostalgic feeling and went to see the new Beauty and the Beast. Oh my was it awesome. I felt like a kid again singing along to all of the songs. It was absolutely fantastic. Gorgeous cinematography, wonderful music, remarkable cast, and of course an all around beautiful story. I would recommend this movie to anyone who’s always up for a good Disney flick.  

Cheers to this Sunday evening everyone. I hope your week is a wonderful productive one and you get everything out of it you seek. 


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