Day 86: Monday March 27, 2017

Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone rolled out of the right side of the bed today and were able to start the week off on the right foot.

It is starting to feel like Spring is finally on it’s way and I am too excited about that. With the warmer weather this morning I got off the bus a stop even earlier just to enjoy the temperature. Yes it was raining, but it was lovely. The crisp morning air was exactly what I needed to wake me up and get me in the right mindset to rock this day. I love a good walk first thing just to get some energy. What are some things you guys do to get your day going the right way (educate me you guys, give me some awesome ideas). 

Work flew by as usual on a Monday which meant one step closer to home (insert happy dance, don’t worry nobody saw). I got home later than usual but was determined to not take the lazy way out. So instead, I made my lunches for the week along with a cup of coffee because sometimes you just need that extra jolt to crush the day’s goals. After I got my lunches for the week done it was time to rock the workout. Today was upper body so tomorrow if I can’t lift anything someone please remind me why. I try to alternate my workouts: upper body, lower body, core, just to not over-tire muscle groups or get too conditioned with a certain exercise. What’s your workout routine look like? Any tips on how to keep things interesting and avoid workout boredom? 

Now I’m off to bed. I work early this week so I need to get decent rest to still have workout energy by the end of my days. Rest up everyone so we can rock Tuesday and keep this week rolling in the right direction. 



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