Man Crush Monday Joe Santagato

YouTube is full of “funny” people. It’s full of those people who tell jokes you’ve heard a million times that at this point you’re agreeing with the crickets. There are however a select few people on YouTube that are genuinely funny. I find the people who are the funniest and have the following to prove it are those who are genuine about their material. They take what comes their way and find a way to deliver it in a way that gets anyone laughing. One of these people happens to be Joe Santagato. 

A 20-something guy from New York who can laugh at himself and give us all a laugh that makes our sides hurt (and count as an ab workout), I mean what’s not to like. Joe has a range of videos on various topics that are all at first glance normal, but it’s on further inspection that you can really uncover the comedic potential. Whenever I’m having a crappy day I just watch a clip of “People of Walmart” and somehow I feel a little better. And now it’s not just through YouTube that you can get a glimpse of the hilarity that is Joe Santagato.  

There’s also a great podcast called “The Basement Yard” which leaves me in stitches every time I listen (full disclosure, it’s usually on the bus so the fellow passengers I ride with can testify to the fact that I’m in tears of laughter every time I listen to this podcast). The podcast talks about the most random topics that are surprisingly relatable even at a minute level so there’s that commiseration factor that’s always good. Life is better when you’re laughing after all and if you can find someone to laugh with at the same embarrassing stuff, you’re good to go. 

There’s even something in it for you sports fans. This guy really does work in all topics of media. He works on a podcast called “Veterans Minimum” that talks all things sports. Even though I’m not a crazy sports fan, it’s still something fun and interesting to listen to to brush up on my sports knowledge so I can pretend to know things if I have to. 

And now there’s a new project on this list “Other People’s Lives”. This project is probably the most intriguing one I’ve heard of in a while. On this podcast, Joe and Greg Dybec interview people with interests that the masses might consider “abnormal” or “weird”. What makes this podcast different is that they’re really trying to get to the bottom of the reason why this person has this particular interest. It’s not about making fun or isolating but really knowing why. And, in finding out why, it might even help other people with similar sentiments not feel so alone.  

So as you can see there’s a lot to like when it comes to Joe Santagato. Whether you want a good laugh, some sports knowledge, or something completely random, he’s got you covered. And the fact that he’s easy on the eyes definitely doesn’t hurt.  


Joe Santagato: @joesantagato

Santagato Studios: @santagatostudios

Greg Dybec: @GregDybec 

Other People’s Lives: @OPLShow


– Joe Santagato

– Extra Joe Videos


– Joe Santagato fan page


@JoeSantagato Joe Santagato

@GregDybec Greg Dybec


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