Day 87: Tuesday March 28, 2017

Happy Terrific Tuesday everyone! Hope everyone is crushing their week in whatever their goal is, whether business, school, fitness, personal, or anything else. My question is, with goals that you set, how do you guys stay motivated? For me, it’s setting small goals, my vision board, and my affirmations. They keep me grounded and focused on my goal but also allow me to see the big picture goal I’m setting for myself in the future.  

So I was right when I was talking about my workout yesterday. My arms are absolutely dead, and I absolutely love it. I’m 100% in agreement with post workout muscle aches. For me it proves I worked hard and am getting stronger. Since I used a heavier weight that I usually did up to that point I did fewer reps but I will with time get up to the same amount of reps I did with less weight. And that cycle will continue as I gradually increase my lifting weight. 

Today my workout was abs, and since I have mine safely hidden away under my winter bod I need to work extra hard on them. I’m trying to do moves that engage my entire core to get a maximum effect out of a minimally complicated move. For these types of exercises I usually go with Kayla Itsines workouts. They’re quick, they’re fun, the moves are easy, and they are a killer workout. Trust me, you do these workouts you will feel it in the morning.  

Now I hope everyone continues their awesome productive week and starts the day off tomorrow on the right foot. Keep your eye on your goals, believe in yourself, and just have fun doing it. 


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