Tasty Tuesday Best Dipped Ice Cream in the City: Chocolat Favoris 

I love ice cream. Ice cream is delicious any time of the year. Even in the winter when it’s -30 I can still eat that deliciousness. I’m also slightly ok more like full out addicted to chocolate. Chocolate is always delectable. I can eat it alone, in baked goods, as a drink, anywhere, any time. So when I can combine these two amazing foods into one awesome treat, I am 100% there. One place I’ve recently explored is Chocolats Favoris and oh my goodness once you go once, you’re ready to go back almost immediately.  

Chocolats Favoris is a cornucopia of ice cream toppings of a vast array of flavours and types that are sure to please everyone. The dips for the ice cream are a thing to behold in themselves. They are so thick on the ice cream that they’re almost the equivalent to having a full chocolate bar on top of an ice cream cone (believe me I’m completely ok with that). 

I will warn that going there requires you to pace yourself. The cones come in a range of sizes from baby to large and let me tell you, large could be labeled enormous and that would be right on the nose. I consider myself to have a pretty impressive ice cream appetite but even I was tested with these ice cream cones. I got a small cone and it was almost too big for me. Now don’t get me wrong it was totally worth it and amazingly delicious, I just need to remember next time to not eat for a while before I go for ice cream.  

Whether it’s the Summer to get a refreshing cool break from the heat, or a winter treat because you simply can’t deny the craving, ice cream from Chocolats Favoris is a delectable treat for the ice cream lover in all of us (just remember to pace yourself to avoid that evil brain freeze). 

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Twitter: @chocofavoris



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