Day 89: Thursday March 30, 2017

Happy Thursday everybody. Hope everyone had a wonderful, awesome, productive day.  

Today was a majorly blah work day. Yes it was crazy busy but I just felt so bleh the whole time. I just couldn’t get anything right. Those days happen at work, just gotta get through them and kick ass the next day. 

I was far too happy to get home after today’s work grossness. At home I managed to get a good run in and some other leg exercises done so at least I was productive there. Hope tomorrow to crush an ab workout (and no I won’t just do that by watching Iliza specials on Netflix).

I am too excited for tomorrow you guys. This week has draaaaaagged on and I need the weekend. We’re like long lost friends that just need to be reunited. We’re almost to the end of the work week folks, it’s time to dig in, get focused, and crush Friday. But first I need sleep. 


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