Meet the Writer 

So I’ve been writing for a while now and I just realized that I’ve never given a proper introduction to let you guys know who I am and what I’m about. 

Here goes. I’m 24 years old and don’t really have any idea what I want as a career. Now don’t get me wrong I have a picture in my head of my life a few years down the road but exactly how I achieve that goal is a little grey. But I think that’s what makes life so fun; I get to learn along the way what works, what doesn’t work, and I can truly find my passion. That’s the dream.  

I’m writing this blog mainly as a means to keep myself accountable. I find it easier to stay on track when I don’t just have myself to answer to. With the community and all of you I have someone to answer to.  

I’m also using this blog to try, even if in a small way, to help others. If my experience, hits and misses, can help anyone else struggling to get in shape or lose weight, then it’ll be a success for me.  

Wherever this journey takes me I’m excited for the ride. I’m ready for the lessons I’ll learn, the ups, the downs, and all the surprises along the way. I’m just glad I have a community with whom to share it.  

*yes that is a unicorn onesie 

**yes it was my best purchase ever 


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