Day 91: Saturday April 1, 2017

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone. Hopefully nobody got pranked too badly today. I avoided social media all morning so managed to get by unscathed which was nice.  

It was actually nice to be technology free for most of the day today. I did some housework, planned some writing for future weeks, and as usual on the weekend I spent some awesome quality family time. For me the weekends are definitely my time to recharge. I get caught up on my sleep and try to find time to relax even with all the running around that usually happens on the weekends. I don’t know about you guys but I always need some time on the weekend to recharge after a hectic work week. How do you guys unwind on the weekend? For me it’s usually time with family, relaxing with a good book, or spending time just having coffee with a friend. 

 Today was a really bad day medical condition wise so I had to take it easy exercise wise. I didn’t want to make things worse so I just did cardio. I’m hoping that tomorrow will be a better day for exercise. I want to get a great core workout in tomorrow to keep myself on track. 

I somehow managed to be somewhat handymanish today. I just got a new tv and I wanted to set it up to just prove to myself more than anything that I could actually do it. I won’t lie, it took me longer than it should have, and a few definite blonde moments (which I can say to myself since I’m blonde), but I finally got it done. 

Tomorrow will be productive. I’ll get my meal prep done for the week, after groceries of course. I’ll get some good writing in. I’ll manage to get a workout in, whatever type that may be. And if I’m lucky I’ll get some reading in just because. Hope everyone’s Saturday has been awesome and productive and here’s to an equally fantastic Sunday. 


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