Day 92: Sunday April 2, 2017

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope everyone has had a wonderful and productive Sunday. My day was actually amazingly productive so I feel justified in giving myself a mental high five. 

I got up decently early for a Sunday which gave me more time to be productive. I made sure to get all my groceries done to be able to get my meal prep done for the week. With my meals for the week all ready to go, that leaves me less room for temptation and more chance to stay focused on my goals. 

I also managed to get an awesome workout in today. I did an awesome arm workout today that definitely targeted all muscle groups in my arms. Tomorrow will be jiggly arm feeling day and I’m good with that. 

I was productive on the business side of things today too which was nice. I work best in the middle of the day so the weekends are when I get my best planning, rough work, and scheduling done. 

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend, however you spent it. Whether it was work, fun plans, or just some lounging, as long as it made your soul happy, today was a success. Cheers to an awesome, productive week ahead filled with new experiences, personal growth, and overall awesomeness. 


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