Day 93: Monday April 3, 2017

Happy Marvellous Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful, productive start to the work week. My week has started off on the right foot because my phone works again (now I can write on the bus again, yay!). 

I managed to run to the Apple Store after work today and they were able to fix my phone with no need for purchasing any new hardware (insert another yay because I didn’t have to spend big bucks). 

I took a break at my lunch today and actually read my book. It was nice to just sit, read, and unwind for a break. Only issue is now I just want to stay home tomorrow and read all day. 

Since my day was crazy busy I decided to do a quick run to make up for having absolutely zero energy to get a full workout in. Although, considering I did a ton of lifting at work today, I sort of did get an arm workout in. 

Now hopefully tomorrow is a productive, good day and my technology will be nice to me. (Fingers crossed) 


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