Day 94: Tuesday April 4, 2017

Hope everyone is having a terrific Tuesday. I went the opposite direction and had a terrible Tuesday health wise. This is the peril of having a medical condition that gives you chronic pain. Some days I’m pretty good pain-wise, and other days like today, the pain is debilitating. It’s days like today that I get very annoyed at my body. I try really hard to not get discouraged or angry at my body because that’s just not helpful to my well-being and healing but some days I do feel annoyed.  

I was happy that my body decided to get the message late afternoon to at least shape up a little. The pain was decent enough that I was able to get a leg workout in. Getting a workout in, even a smaller one, felt absolutely wonderful. I find, in my experience anyway, that a workout has tremendous benefit to both my physical and metal well being as well as to lift my spirits on “bad health” days.  

I’m hoping to be back to at least near normal tomorrow. I’m planning on being back at work, and back to my regular level workouts tomorrow. I’m just excited to get back to feeling decent and staying on my fitness track.  

Hope everyone has had a great, productive Tuesday. Let’s see what tomorrow has to offer.  


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