Day 95: Wednesday April 5, 2017

Today is a better day folks. Today I woke up and felt good. I got out of bed slowly. Feeling my whole body awaken; from my toes all the way to the top of my head. It was wonderful getting out of bed and feeling that pain be lifted out of me. After I got out of bed, really feeling how I felt and the level of pain being truly much better than yesterday, and I knew today was going to be a better day.

Work was work as always. But I try to remind myself that this job is a stepping stone. It is a wrong on my ladder to reaching my goal. It is an essential part of becoming who I need to be and going where I need to go.

The real treat for today was what I did after work. So as anyone who knows me knows, I love coffee. So when I finally decided to try the coffee shop by my place, I knew it was a brilliant idea. The place is called Cafe Latte Cino and it is a cornucopia of deliciousness. They sell a wide range of treats, something for everyone really. There’s cheesecake, regular cake, gelato, baked goods, teas, coffees, and more. The amount of brain power I had to use to finally decide what to have is almost embarrassing. I tried the red velvet latte and chocolate cake and let me tell you, I will be dreaming about it tonight. The latte was amazingly delicious and smooth with such a nice red velvet finish it was like drinking cake. And the cake itself was so rich and the icing so smooth it’ll be hard to beat.

It was also a great evening because I got to spend it with a wonderful friend of mine. It was not only a time for great coffee and cake, it was also time for great conversation. We spent hours just talking and catching up, sharing ideas, business aspirations, and future plans. It was an incredibly useful, productive, and fun evening.

After all that cake and conversation I felt it was prudent to get in a good workout. I decided to do a killer upper body workout and sprints. It felt great being able to get in a good workout after still having a great time.

Hope everyone had a productive, wonderful Wednesday. Here’s hoping to keep up the productivity tomorrow.


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