Tasty Thursday: Cafe Latte Cino 

Coffee coffee coffee. Ok sorry just got a little excited. I am a big fan of the coffee. I like lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, regular coffee, all things coffee. 

I also am slightly obsessed with good cake and cheesecake, ok all really well made pastries. They’re always my go to if I want to celebrate something, or if I want to wallow and hate myself. They’re always there for me (yes I know I’m talking about food, it’s just that delicious ok). 

So as you can imagine, when my friend told me about this cafe that had been around for a while, and so close to my house, without ever having been there, I almost felt like I was betraying the deliciousness by how I just ignored it this long.  

The cafe is a cool tiny cafe with a minimalistic feel to it. And there was food everywhere. Every direction I looked there was tea, coffee, ice cream, cookies, cake, biscotti; basically anything my hungry mind could muster was there.  

The menu was a thing of beauty. They have special menus for each meal as well as standing dishes for the entire day so there’s tons to choose from. They also have a huge drink menu, coffees, teas, smoothies, so there’s no shortage of choices there either.  

The vibe is great too. It’s just a nice quaint place to get together, grab a coffee; and chat. If I would have known about it as a student I could have definitely seen myself studying there. Just claiming a table, grabbing some coffee, and cranking out some good studying. 

So whether you want a great coffee, some savoury tea, or delectable dish, Cafe Latte Cino is an excellent spot, the trouble is knowing when to stop eating and drinking everything. 
Twitter: @cafelattecino


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