A Coffee Lover’s Paradise: Personal Service Coffee

At this point you guys know coffee is my main life force. I get up, do some stretching, and grab my coffee. It’s so automatic now that I don’t even register it sometimes. 

So when I can find good coffee I get excited. I recently found out about this new store near my house that sells k cups of a ton of varieties so naturally I had to check it out. 

Guys, this place is a Keurig owner’s dream. All of the walls are covered with k cups. And honestly I can’t even hazard a guess to the amount of flavours and brands they carry.  

And it’s not just regular coffees. They also sell decaf coffee, hot chocolates, and teas. There’s something for everyone.  

They are also working on a pretty great initiative. They’re trying to get more brands to have biodegradable k cups. That way, you can enjoy your coffee and know your coffee isn’t adding to pollution which is pretty great. 

There is one thing about these stores that I really love. They sell sugar free flavoured syrups. Now if anyone has family or are diabetic themselves then you know how awesome this is. My aunt loves coffee like me but has to be careful with syrups and only get sugar fee which can be really limited at other stores. In comparison, on my last trip, I saw at least 10 varieties sugar free flavoured syrups.  

Whether you’re crazy for coffee, delighted by decaf, or tickled pink by tea (I saw a chance for a literation and took it, I regret nothing 😝) Personal Service Coffee has you covered. And the fact that when you’re a loyalty member you get a great discount doesn’t hurt either. 

Twitter: @PSCShowroom


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