Day 105: Saturday April 15, 2017

I wonder if I’d be this productive if I got up early every weekend. Sorry, just thinking out loud. Today was pretty awesome productivity-wise. 

I woke up early because of course I had to get shopping done before the stores being closed tomorrow. Stores opened at 7:00am and I got there at 7:10am and oh my gosh it was lovely. There were maybe five other people in the store so I could shop, get everything quick, in and out. It was great. I got both stores and some other errands done before 10:00am. Not going to lie but I did feel a little accomplished (and I’ll admit a little smug) knowing tons of people were just getting to crazy crowded stores when I was already done. 

My day was also awesometastic on the workout side of things. I got two killer workouts in today. I did a quick but killer ab workout early in the afternoon (I suspect laughing and coughing is going to hurt tomorrow but that’s ok). I also had a killer arm workout later on in the afternoon. I decided to up the weight of my free-weights so to start off I did 3 sets of 7 reps. I’m definitely going to feel the burn tomorrow and I’m all good with that. I love having that good workout burn after a fantastic workout. 

I really kept track of my food intake today too. I made sure to portion control everything and keep track of my macros with My Fitness Pal. I’m going to try and get my meals to land within my desired macro intake as best I can. If anyone has any meal ideas or recipes that could help that would be greatly appreciated. 

I was also able to spend time with a friend today which is always wonderful. It was a special get together because my friend is moving away. He’s heading out on a new adventure and I am so excited for him. It’s crazy seeing friends move, get amazing careers, start family’s, and more. I’ll admit sometimes I get discouraged when I see people my age having their whole lives together while I’m still figuring mine out. But then I just take a deep breath and remind myself that everything happens when it is supposed to happen and I’m on the right path, doing the best I can, and everything will work out. 

Hope everyone has had a fantastic Saturday. Have a wonderful successful Sunday, and just try to not eat too much chocolate. 


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