Day 107: Monday April 17, 2017

I love long weekends. I especially love long weekends when I can be productive. I started a really cool experience today and I want to share it with you guys.  

So you all know how much of a fan I am of Lori Harder and her Earn Your Happy podcast. She also has an awesome challenge going right now and I was lucky enough to become a member for it. It is a 14-Day Workout Challenge and I am so excited and grateful to be a part of it. 

Each day there is a 20 minute workout that has to be completed and a corresponding photo needs to be put on Instagram with the hashtags #LH14DayChallenge and #Dayx for whatever day you’re at.  

Let me tell you, Day 1 definitely kicked my ass. Even for a 20 minute workout I know I’ll be feeling it tomorrow. Each exercise targets core muscle groups and the progression of the workout keeps you sweating and feeling the burn the whole time. It was awesome (in that holy crap my body is going to hate me tomorrow) kind of way. It is great having the workouts only 20 minutes long. I can get in a killer workout and carry on with my day. 

The challenge workouts are great for a few reasons. First, Lori does the workout videos herself. That’s great because it’s like she’s right there guiding you through the workout. She’s so kind and motivating that even though your muscles are totally burning, you still feel like you’re having fun. I also like the workouts because each exercise group is short and powerful so you get in that killer burn but don’t get bored from a long repetitive workout. 

Below I’ve given you guys my overview of the workout: the exercises I really enjoyed, the exercises I found the most challenging, and my overall ideas on the workout. 

Workout 1: Choose Again
1. Side-to-Side Squat & Kick: This workout was definitely a killer on the legs. I’m used to doing squats so that part wasn’t too difficult. The big challenge of this exercise came from maintaining balance through the transition from squat to kick. Each squat I felt the burn through my legs and my core staying tight to maintain balance. This exercise is definitely a good tool to help get better balance. 
2. DB 45-Degree Bicep Curls: these are an alteration to the usual bicep curl and I could definitely feel the difference. Having the bicep curl at 45 degrees puts all the effort on the biceps. Doing each curl I could feel the burn on my biceps and the tightness in my whole arm each time I lowered the dumb bell. 
3. Squat Jump Tap: this exercise is the one I need to work on the most. I’m used to doing squats so that part wasn’t too difficult. The part of the exercise I felt most challenge with was the jump after each squat. I found it hard to get the momentum push through the squat to pump me through each jump. I will need to work on gaining the momentum to push through each squat to improve the heights of my jumps. I’ll get there with practice. 
4. Reach & Row: this was my favourite exercise. I really liked how I had to be aware of my form while I performed this exercise. It was crucial to maintain core strength while doing each reach and maintain tension in my arms while doing each row. It wasn’t so much the difficulty of this exercise but the need for precision with form that made this exercise my favourite.  
5. Low-Plank Leg Lift: this exercise was my most difficult. I have a difficult time with planks enough as it is so adding the leg lifts just added another dimension of difficulty for me. I find planks difficult because I have so little core strength. With practice I want to gain more core strength so that I can not only get better at planks but have better form as well. I’m hoping that, with time as my planks improve and my balance gets better, my ability to do leg lifts while planking will only improve.  

This workout was awesome! It was challenging, fun, quick, all-encompassing, everything you want in a good workout. I’m excited to keep going on this challenge and see where it leads. I’m hoping to gain strength, balance, and oneness with my body. I can’t wait to keep going and kick some fitness ass. 

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