Day 108: Tuesday April 18, 2017

Happy Tuesday everyone. First day back after a long weekend, sad face. The good thing about today was that it went by insanely fast because I was equally insanely busy.  

I needed a break at lunch today for my sanity so I went for a long walk to get some fresh air and good cardio in. 

I got home early because I work the early shift this week so that meant early home for early workout (woohoooo!!).  

Today was Day 2 of the Lori Harder 14 Day Challenge and it was fantastic! The workout consisted of five moves of as many reps as possible in 45 seconds for each exercise x 3 sets. Let me tell you, for only being a 20 minute workout, you definitely get hot and sweaty.  

For me this workout felt more challenging than the first one (possibly from the muscle soreness of yesterday) but the challenge just made it feel more accomplishing when I finished it. 

1. DB Squat Press: To me this was the easiest exercise of the workout. Although it worked every muscle group it wasn’t too challenging because it didn’t test my balance. It was a solid workout for the glutes though, evil squats though they are they’re awesome for building a nice booty. 

2. DB Rear Delt. Fly & Donkey Kick: This exercise was definitely a test to my balance ability (or lack thereof). The DB rear delt flies killed my arms, I’m thinking it’s because that exercise works a muscle group I hardly ever work. Also, the donkey kick part of the exercise tested my balance making me squeeze every muscle of my core. Killer. Doing that single exercise is a combo exercise I’m definitely not used to. I’m used to single muscle group exercises so this exercise was a new thing for me. 

3. High Climbers: I suck at mountain climbers. I have horrible form with them so I focused more on form than number of reps with this one. Definitely the exercise I need to work on most. High climbers are a variant on the regular mountain climber. It requires bringing your legs up higher and that takes a lot of work. It makes you take longer for each rep but the burn I felt doing each one was a lot more intense than the regular mountain climber. 

4. Sumo-Arching Squat: This was my favourite exercise of the workout. I like wide set squats because it lowers my center of gravity and allows me to focus on keeping my core tight. The arching movement helped open up my chest and felt like a great stretch (even with the muscle burn). This combination felt more fluid to me than the dumbbell rear delt fly and donkey kick, probably because it is in one line of motion (straight up and down). With it being an easier exercise it allows me to really focus on form and perfect it and in turn make it more challenging with heavier weights. 

5. Chataruga Belly Push-up: This was a new one for me. I suck at push ups (no upper body strength but I’m working on it). This was a nice variation. It felt like some yoga but a kickass, feel in your whole body, variant. The way it required me to move through the motion in a smooth, fluid way it really let me concentrate on the motion. It’s definitely going to help build my core strength that’s for sure. 

Day 2 down, 12 to go. I can’t believe how much I’m loving the challenge, ok actually I can. I love a good workout that’s killer on the muscles but feels great at the same time. I can’t wait to see what the challenge has in store and how it changes my body and workout habits as I go. 

I hope everyone had a productive day. Here’s to having a wonderful Wednesday. 


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