Day 109: Wednesday April 19, 2017

Happy Hump Day everyone! Hope everyone has had a lovely, productive morning. I’m very aware of my body today.  

I woke up this morning feeling every muscle of my body. It was the post-workout shuffle getting ready this morning that’s for sure. But instead of my usual “ugh this isn’t worth it I don’t want to do this anymore” train of thought, I switched gears and got thankful. I realized that my body is wonderful and strong and able to do so many things. I’m now eager to take on the next workout challenge, work through the soreness, and crush it. I’m in this to get in shape, to get stronger, and more in tune with my body. That means giving my 100% and I’m ready for that (even if I have to keep doing the “ow my body hurts” shuffle). 

As I rode home on the bus I couldn’t stop thinking about the challenge. What’s the workout going to be like? What are the exercises we’ll be doing? How much is my body going to hate/love me after this? It was just all about the challenge. I’ve got the workout buzz you guys. So I guess this means I can say Elle Woods was right all along, she was Harvard educated after all. 

The hardest part of any healthy lifestyle plan for me is the diet. That’s my monster. Especially with Easter just having finished, the chocolate bunny temptation is everywhere. I have been really good with my food though. Instead of going cold turkey no chocolate I’m doing the moderation route. I have a chocolate egg every day. Just one tiny one. It’s enough to satisfy my chocolate craving and not enough for me to hate myself and feel like a failure. I’ve also come across what I anticipate to become my new “go to” snack; Oikos Greek yogurt creations. They come in different varieties and it’s just Greek yogurt with additions to it, delicious additions. My two favourites so far are the grapefruit and the chocolate raspberry. So much delicious in healthy food, what’s not to like? 

I’m going to start something new today too. My coworker lent me some French novels to read and I’m going to give them a go. Although my speaking French and reading French stuff related to work is fine, I’m not sure how I’ll do with literature. But hey, life’s about challenges, that’s how we grow. So I’ll be reading French books every day just to brush up and expand my vocabulary and learn in general. Wish me luck. 

As soon as I got home I grabbed dinner and then it was workout time. Today’s already Day 3 of the Lori Harder 14 Day Challenge. This one was a beast that’s for sure. 

Flying Push-Up: this was a pretty cool exercise. Since I have crappy upper body strength I’m not very good at push-ups. This was a good start to practice them though. It was a great core strength builder having to keep my core tight through the whole push-up and lift motion. 

Split Jumps: it’s moves like these that make me envy coordinated people. This move requires definite core strength (which I am SERIOUSLY lacking). The balance you need to go from one lunge to the next and back while maintaining proper form is tricky. I did like how you could incorporate dumb bells into the exercise to add that extra element, why not make the whole body burn. 

Triceps Kickbacks: this is one of my favourite arm exercises. It always leaves my muscles burning and targets those pesky triceps I need to work on. Keeping the focus on proper form for this exercise helped me get the full extent of its benefits. 

Prone Jack Pop-Up: these were the hardest exercises of the workout for me, but also the most fun. It was a full body blast through the whole move, from the jack leg motion, the the pop up into squat position. Each rep was killer in the best way possible. 

DB Squat & Reverse Lunge: this exercise was the evil one. By the end of each round of exercises my legs were already burning so having this with both squats and lunges was ow city. It did feel awesome being able to push through each rep and get them done though. 

With each exercise I just reminded myself I was getting stronger, healthier, more where I want to be, where my best self is, every single day. 


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