Day 110: Thursday April 20, 2017

So last night / today, food decided to hate me. Something I ate last night gave me food poisoning. At least I managed to get my workout in yesterday before that evil food poisoning showed up so it didn’t interfere with my challenge. 

As you can guess it, from the food poisoning I was so unproductive today. I was too focused on not moving to make my stomach hate me more than it already did so I just lay on the couch all day, falling asleep every now and then. 

Luckily, the food poisoning started to lessen around late afternoon so I managed to actually eat some chicken and rice (very exciting I know) before I attempted Day 4 of the Lori Harder 14 Day Challenge I joined. I’m not crazy so I remembered to not push myself too hard to make my body become in worse condition and put myself worse off than before. 

This cardio workout came at a perfect time. With food poisoning today I was in crumby form so there was no way I was going to kick ass at a strength training workout. Nevertheless even with this workout and my feeling less than 100% I did my best. 


Butt kickers: this workout is a good one to get the legs starting to burn. Kick backs are great hamstring stretchers and are also great at kicking up the heart rate. Because I didn’t want to make matters worse with my already moody stomach, I went slower than I would at 100% but it still got the job done. 
Right/Left Pendulum Lunges: these are always a leg burner for me, as well as a test of my balance. With lunges I always have to work extra hard to keep my core tight and engaged, these were no different. Especially since it was all right side then all left side, it was a little hard to keep my balance (considering my also going slower than normal) but I could definitely feel my glutes and core being engaged with each forward and backward lunge. 
V-ups: this was the exercise I had to modify most because of being sick today. I’m used to the regular V-ups from straight leg up to full sit-up position, but today that just wasn’t going to happen. Instead I went from 3/4 unbent legs to fully bent legs and half sit-up position. Even with the modification I felt a killer burn in my abs. Next round when I’m feeling better I’ll do the unmodified version to feel the full effect of the exercise. 
Jumping jacks: this exercise I left unmodified, just slowed down my pace. It was a little bit of a breath-catcher for me. Still kept my heart rate up and kept my muscles engaged to not let the reduced speed diminish the effectiveness of the move. 
Kneeling Back & Glute Extensions: this was my favourite exercise. I liked it because I could do it unmodified and to the full extent it was meant for. I liked needing to contract my core with the alternating arm and leg as well as the full stretch of my arm and leg with each rep. Total killer full body move. It was awesome. 

Tomorrow I’m hoping to be back to normal. Tomorrow’s Friday which is great. It’ll be TGIF, I’ll be at work, get in a killer workout, and just try and have an awesome day. I hope everyone had a productive day today and let’s aim for an equally productive one tomorrow. (And fingers crossed I’ll be able to eat some actually meals)


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