Day 111: Friday April 21, 2017

Happy Friday everyone! TGIF!! I hope everyone had a wonderful productive day. 

On the work side of things, the word of the day is sloooooooow. Oh my gosh. It took forever. I was so done with the day by noon I was all set to just walk straight to the bus and go home. Luckily I had the early shift so I got to leave at 4:00 (at which time I basically ran away). 

When I got home it was time to check emails. I like doing that as soon as I get home on Fridays so I don’t have to worry about emails on the weekend. Once that was out of the way it was workout time. 

I’m on day 5 of the 14 day challenge already. Crazy how fast it’s going. Still not feeling 100% because of that lovely food poisoning fiasco so I decided to do another cardio day today. On the bright side I was able to crank up the intensity compared to yesterday so I got in a greater intensity workout. 

Butt Kickers: I increased my speed with this exercise today. I did more reps per 45-second interval than I did yesterday. I also managed to get my legs higher up behind me getting a better stretch in. 

Right/Left Pendulum Lunges: this exercise was still my biggest challenge. I did do my best to keep my core engaged the whole time to maintain my balance with each lunge. I did better than yesterday with maintaining a straight line for the right side then left pendulum lunges. It was nice being able to notice the progress even from yesterday. Anyone have any tips on how to keep the balance buildup going? 

V-Ups: I was able to increase the difficulty on these from yesterday. I did them with straight legs to bent (compared to mostly bent the whole time yesterday) and was able to do 3/4 sit ups (compared to half sit ups yesterday). Progress always feels good. The problem with V-ups is that I find it hurts my tailbone without a pillow but a pillow is too thick and sweater too thin to act as padding for my tailbone. Anyone have any tips or tricks for how to do them and not feel sore after? They’d be greatly appreciated. 

Jumping Jacks: I was even able to up my game on these today. I increased my reps per 45-second interval. I also made sure to concentrate on keeping my core tight and reducing side to side motion. I like the whole body effect jumping jacks has. Works the arms, keeps the legs moving, and gets the core engaged. 

Kneeling Back & Glute Extensions: This move is my coordination challenger. With the simultaneous opposing arm and leg motion it requires me to keep my core engaged to stay balanced. I also really like this move because it really targets diverse muscle groups. With my arm stretches I feel my arm muscles engaged. With my leg extensions I feel not only my glutes and thighs engaged but also my lower back muscles engaged. It’s a total killer move but oh so awesome!

Can’t believe it’s already day 5, I’m working hard to make the success happen and feel accomplished with every workout. By the end of this challenge I want to know I’ve given every workout my best and can continue the momentum. 

Next up is a fun friend filled weekend. And I’m hoping to be back up to 100% so I can really crank out some killer workouts.  What can I say that post workout pain is a nice reminder of hard work and I could get used to it. Happy weekend everyone. 


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