Day 112: Saturday April 22, 2017

Happy weekend everyone! Hope everyone is having a fantastically wonderful Saturday. 

I had a wonderful time with friends today, that alone made today worth it. It’s always so nice to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in a while. Even though we chat a few times a week it’s just nice to get out together. Going out and being able to really talk and catch up on the goings on in each other’s lives. It’s like a gift for my soul. Spending time wit good people recharges me and the ideas and topics discussed are always just right. 

After friend time I got to spend some good family time. Not only was it good family time, it also happened to coincide with a book and bake sale. So yea, basically I was in heaven. I didn’t luck out on the book side of things but my mom hit the book lottery. I do have a bunch of books to read for now so that’s ok. 

After family time, as soon as I got home it was workout time. It’s already Day 6 of the Lori Harder 14 Day Challenge and I am still loving it. The challenge is going strong. I’m almost back to pre-food poisoning level which I appreciate greatly. I had a killer workout today. It was a cardio day but I did some squats for a little something extra. 

I hope everyone’s had a great productive day. Tomorrow I’m hoping to get some more writing done, some groceries and meal prep, and of course a good workout. 


3 sets x45 seconds each 

Butt kickers – this is a great starting exercise to get your heart rate up

Right and then Left leg Pendulum Lunges – this exercise is great for the glutes. Lunges always test my balance so keeping my core tight is the main goal I have with this exercise.

V-ups – this exercise works the whole body. Having to balance while pulling the legs up targets your core big time. Pulling your arms in while doing a sit up works the arms and core all while your legs are tight. This exercise is a challenge but a great one. 

Jumping Jacks – we all know jumping jacks are a good heart rate increaser. This wasn’t a hard exercise but it was a good one to keep the heart rate up. 

Kneeling Back and Leg Glute Extensions – this one tests the core big time. Stretching each arm and at the same time kicking out the opposite leg definitely keeps the core engaged. As long as I kept my core tight I felt a good tension on not only my leg but on my lower back. This move is a great full body move. 

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