Day 113: Sunday April 23, 2017

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope everyone has had a wonderful, productive weekend. Today was an insanely productive day which was awesome. 

First thing this morning I did all my errands to get my groceries for the week. When I got home I was in the kitchen for a solid 3 hours prepping my meals for the week. I got my breakfasts and lunches all set for the week and plans for dinners are all done. This week I’m going for fresh homemade smoothie bowls for breakfast. I’m really excited about the new food combinations I’m making those smoothies of which are going to be delicious. Making my breakfasts and lunches ahead of time is always a giant time saver. This way, instead of stressing out about what to eat or make I can concentrate on other things or spend my time doing something else like working out or reading a good book. 

Today I also managed to get in a good core workout. I am now back to pre-food poisoning level and that feels awesome. For the V-ups in the challenge I finally managed to do them properly from straight to bent legs and all the way up sit up which I hadn’t been able to do two days ago. I also noticed a big difference with my form while doing lunges. I noticed I was much better at keeping my balance. I was able to keep my balance better going down with each rep and switching from front to back lunges. It feels great seeing how I’ve managed to improve my form. I love when I can see progress. 


3 reps x45 seconds 

-butt kickers

-right pendulum lunges 

-left pendulum lunges 


-jumping jacks 

-kneeling Back and glute extensions 

I’m hoping to have a productive week. I really want to get awesome workouts in and some time with loved ones. The busier the better as long as I remember to not get stressed out. Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead. 


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